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Dear reader. One of the goals of the Children's Foundation of the 18th sqr. NEI, in collaboration with many enthusiastic people, researchers and historians who do a fantastic job in the background, we try to answer as many open questions as possible about the 18th squadron and its history. Please send us the completed application template to our email. 18sqnei@gmail.com


FAQ 1: How many flying personnel had the 18th Squadron in January 1943 to april 1945 in service?

FAQ 01 Aircrew
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FAQ 2During WWII, several 18th Squadron aircraft and their crews were involved in accidents. What’s the number of accidents and crew members involved?

FAQ 02 B-25 Air Accidents
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FAQ 3: What was the day-to-day life of the crew members in 18Sq ML-KNIL?

FAQ 03 Uit het leven gegrepen
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FAQ 4: What’s number of missions flown?

FAQ 04 Dagboek vs Intell Reports
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FAQ 5: What was the relation between 18Sq ML-KNIL / NEIAF and 2Sq RAAF?

FAQ 05 Vergelijking tussen 18Sq NEI and 2Sq RAAF
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FAQ 6: What kind of missions were flown by the Squadron?

FAQ 06 Onderverdeling 18Sq opdrachten
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FAQ 7: How much bomb loads were transported there?.

FAQ 07 Bombs Away
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FAQ 8: Are details known of a flying day in the squadron when based in Australia?

FAQ 08 Shipping II
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FAQ 9: Are details, similar to FAQ 08, available for Targets on land?

FAQ 09 Landdoelen
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FAQ 10: Which were the tasks of 18th Squadron?

FAQ 10 Recce's
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