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New date Reunion Children of the 18th sqn NEI RAAF

June 26 2021

The date has been announced! Our reunion is scheduled for Sunday, April 3, 2022. Please mark the date in your calendar!

Soon you will receive more information via this side, as well as via the next Newsletter; this will be communicated at the beginning of August.

The location remains the same as previously planned: Bronbeek Arnhem

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Reschedule Reunion 2021 to 2022

May 16th 2021

Today, May 16, 2021, at the board meeting of the Children of the 18th SQN NEI Foundation, the board unfortunately had to decide to reschedule the planned reunion of September 18, 2021 to the spring of 2022. The schedule will be April 2022. An exact date will follow asap.

The reason for rescheduling is because of the great uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The lack of open-mindedness and concern for everyone's health, among other things, has been a determining factor in our decision.

Our goal is for everyone, not only those here in the Netherlands, but also those from other countries and continents to realize a full-fledged well organized reunion. At this moment we cannot guarantee that. Therefore, it was unanimously decided that the reunion will take place in the spring of 2022.

This also gives a lot of uncertainty to the planned attractions.

For those who had already paid and reserved admission fees for the original April 2020 reunion, these fees will remain reserved until the next reunion, which is expected to be two years from now in 2022.

We hope you will understand our decision to once again postpone the reunion to April 2022. Again, we want to offer you an open-minded reunion where everyone can be welcome and enjoy each other's stories and presence in good health, the fine gathering and with reverence and respect together can remember the men of the 18th Sqn.

We will of course keep you informed of developments.


Kind regards,

On behalf of the board of the Children of the 18th SQN NEI Foundation.

P.P. Ward


New chairman

May 16th 2021

After four years of chairing our Foundation, as of today I am going to hand over the chairmanship to my fellow board member Mrs. Mathilde Pelder Molenberg.

This decision was passed at our board meeting on May 16, 2021, with full approval of the entire board.

I wish Mathilde all the best and have faith that she will provide the Foundation with new leadership for the future and survival of our Foundation.

I myself will continue to serve as a co-director within the Children of the 18th SQN NEI Foundation and enjoy doing other necessary activities.

Kind regards,


Pieter Ward


April 4th 2021: Founding day

Today 79 years ago the 18th Squadron NEI (Netherlands East Indies) was founded. That happened on April 4th, 1942 at Fairbairn Air Base in Canberra Australia. A special day to commemorate. Lest we forget ……

These photos are laterthat year  in 1942, august 30th of the "swearing ceremony". 


New Childrens only page

April 4, 2021,

On April 4, 2021, the new "Children Only" video went online.

All members/children received an email on this day, April 4 with a password to access this page.

This page on our site is restricted because the Children use this place to share personal stories. If it appears that this information is of interest to a wider audience (with permission of the owner of the story concerned), the information will be made accessible to everyone.

Did you not receive an email on April 4, but you are a Child of ... or immediate family' or do you have questions about this? Then please send your response using the form next to this text on this page.


March 18th 2021

Who is Who?

Who can help Jo Lugt. The person on the right is my father Jan Lugt (I believe). This would have most likely been at batchelor from 1943 on. No other info. This is the only photo of my father up there that I have.

There is an answer!!!

From left to right: 1st Lt. J.W. Broekuizen, Sgt. A.J.H. Hulsman, W. Cortenbach and 2e Lt. H. Maaskant


July 10th  2020


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