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April 4th 2021: Founding day

Today 79 years ago the 18th Squadron NEI (Netherlands East Indies) was founded. That happened on April 4th, 1942 at Fairbairn Air Base in Canberra Australia. A special day to commemorate. Lest we forget ……

These photos are laterthat year  in 1942, august 30th of the "swearing ceremony". 


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April 4, 2021,

On April 4, 2021, the new "Children Only" page will go online.

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This page on this site is restricted because the Children use this place to share personal stories. If it turns out that this information is of interest to a wider audience (with permission of the owner of the story in question), the information will also be made accessible to everyone. 

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March 18th 2021

Who is Who?

Who can help Jo Lugt. The person on the right is my father Jan Lugt (I believe). This would have most likely been at batchelor from 1943 on. No other info. This is the only photo of my father up there that I have.


November 30 st 2020

The New date of the reunion 
In commemorating 75 years of freedom and celebrating the 'birthday' of the 18th Sq NEI, 2020 would have been a great year for the reunion. We were looking forward to spend a nice day together and remember our loved ones, but we expect that because of the current Corona pandemic, April is still too early to come together with a large group of people. We will also have to wait and see if guests from abroad will be able to travel to the Netherlands.

The reunion on the original date in April will therefore unfortunately not take place 

But will be postponed until

September 18, 2021

Bronbeek Arnhem The Netherlands.

With reservation


July 10th  2020



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