Our fathers and grandfathers also fought for the liberation of their home country. They fought from 1942 for the liberation of the Netherlands East Indies, but have remained out of sight in history. We want to change that with a documentary about the forgotten squadron: the 18th squadron NEI (Netherlands East Indies)



We want to tell the unique story of the 18th Squadron.


Unique, because this documentary is not only about the veterans, but also and especially about their children and grandchildren.

And about the effect of war on several generations. To this day.


A story about people.

The makers

The Documentary is made by Orpheus Media and Amsterdam Studios in collaboration with the Children of the 18th Squadron Foundation.

André Eilander from Orpheus Media (director), Wim Lehnhausen from Amsterdam Studios (producer) and filmmaker Robert Berger (son of pilot Arie Berger) have been involved in the 18 sqn NEI for several years.

How can you help us?

We aim to achieve a lot through this documentary. Our goals are clear, the script is ready and a lot of unique interviews and visual material is available. Its success and the start of the production depends on financial funding.


Can you help us bring the forgotten story of the 18th Squadron NEI to the screen?

You can do this by donating money. Any amount is welcome!

This way you can help us!

Choose the amount you wish to donate and transfer this by EFT to:


IBAN NL74 RABO 0319 4833 55



Account name 'Stichting Kinderen van het 18e sqn NEI'

In your transaction please mention ‘DOCU’ and include your email address.





Or: Donate money via the website.

Do you live abroad? Then this is your easiest option as there are no extra transaction costs involved.


Donate money easily via iDeal/PayPal by clicking on your preferred amount. Please click on the button below and choose your preferred amount on the Dutch website. (Click the button and you will be dreived to the dutch donation site of this campaign. when you arrived there please scroll down to the donation buttons)


Any questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact us via 
email on 18sqnei@gmail.com.

We'll reward your generous gift:

We ofcourse appreciate every euro you donate to us! All amounts are welcome.

But we have a perk:

  • If you donate € 250, you will receive 1 free admission ticket for the premiere of the documentary
  • If you donate € 500, your name will appear on the credits of the documentary
  • If you donate € 1000, your name and logo will appear on the credits of the documentary (2x € 500)
  • If you donate a higher amount, the reward is in consultation.